Thursday, April 13, 2017

Times I went to Key Food this week, put items in my basket, put them all back, and left with nothing

First time: I put Kerrygold butter in my basket because it was $3 for 8 oz, which is a good price. I had 2 or 4, but I wanted to check the Tuttorosso canned tomatoes that were $0.88 for 28 oz. Some guy was stocking the shelves there, so I gave up and put my butter back and left.

Second time: I put brussels sprouts ($1.99/lb) and Vintage diet tonic water ($0.67) in my basket. I found the tomatoes, and had to move a heavy stack of them to see the price. But they only had crushed and puree and I don't want those. Then I went to check the butter, but there was no sign that it was still on sale. Technically it should be, but I didn't want to deal with accidentally paying an extra $3/lb so I put everything back and left.

I'm rich now. I didn't spend so much money this week.

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