Thursday, March 23, 2017


Why is cantaloupe $1.50 at food bazaar now? Why are tomatoes cheap there and at Key Food today? They looked red, but can you trust them? (No, because only garden tomatoes or farmer's market tomatoes are actually great, but I buy the other ones all the time anyway. Well, not if they are pink.)

Why is store brand swiss cheese more expensive than comparable cheddar and pepper jack? Does it take longer to make? Or are they selling it by volume and I am paying for the non-cheese holes in it?

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A price mystery at Fine Fare. And olive oil prices by volume.

This morning I went to Fine Fare because the circular said that 10 oz bags of Cafe Bustelo were $2.50. But they change their prices over on Sundays and no signs about new prices were up. The price on the shelf said $4.25 or so. I found a scanner to check a price and it said it was $3.33. I needed coffee, so I bought just one. It rang up at $2.50. I was surprised the self-scanner and the cash register would show different prices.

I was just thinking about the price of olive oil because I don't want to do my homework. My roommate has a 250ml bottle of Filippo Berio Pure that cost $5.49, according to the price tag on it. I am going to Key Food this week to buy a 3 liter can of the same kind for $16. I hope he quits buying the small one.

Friday, March 17, 2017

What's on Sale Next Week?!

I have to wake up early to attend a networking event, which I am trying to convince myself will be fun or good, but I just got an email from C-Town about next week's sales, so I am going to do something I like instead.

C-Town: Palmolive is on sale for $0.74! That's better than Dollar Tree. I like Palmolive, Ajax, or Joy for everyday use. Dawn Platinum for special occasions. But middle class people tell me to just use Dawn Platinum every day.

Colavita pure olive oil is $20. Hmmmm.... Key Food has Filipo Berio for $16, and I do need pure. And I only use pure for cooking, mostly. But Colavita is so much better. (If I won't use Dawn Platinum every day because that's too luxurious, maybe I will just buy the cheaper pure olive oil.)

Nothing else at C-Town looks like a good deal (their website's circular is terrible though), and I might be too embarrassed to go stock up on just Palmolive, so maybe I won't go there.

Associated: Asparagus is $2/lb, which is because it's spring and in season. I should get that.

A lot of Colgate products are on sale, but not Palmolive for $0.79 :(

Bravo: I don't trust their $0.79 tomatoes. March tomatoes taste like paper. $0.88/bag pasta is ok. I need some. They have $2/lb asparagus too. But like C-Town, I can't tell what Bravo puts on sale.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Grocery circular round up

Associated:  Bananas are $0.49/lb. I just put some bananas (for which I paid $0.49/lb) in the freezer because they were getting overly ripe. I will turn them into vegan ice cream. (Which is what happens when you put frozen bananas in a food processor).

Cabbage is $0.39/lb. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Skippy Peanut butter is $2. I need that. Rolling Rock is still $8 for a 12 pack, which I appreciate.

Key Food: I hope they have luxury butter on sale! I see pecorino romano is still on sale for $4.99/lb. That's a good price! I recommend you go get some.

Oh my word! Cabbage is only $0.19/lb. Hold on--I have to text someone.

Plugra luxury butter is on sale for $3.49 for 8 oz. I might have to get that. Brussels sprouts are still on sale for $1.49, so I guess I didn't have to go stock up yesterday.

C-Town: They want $0.29/lb for cabbage. Remember back when I thought $0.39 was a good deal?

Bravo: They also have cabbage for $0.29/lb and bananas for $0.49 and Skippy peanut butter for $2. They have "slicing tomatoes" for $0.69 but I am skeptical about tomatoes in March.