Thursday, December 07, 2017

In Praise of Shopping While Hungry

If you don't go shopping when you're hungry, you'll never let yourself buy $22 of anchovies. There are probably people who don't want to know how to allow themselves to buy $22 of anchovies, but they don't read this blog.

White ones: $10 for 150g. Other ones: $12 for 140g. (Both weights drained). That surprises me. I've never seen marinated anchovies in a jar before, but I thought they'd be more expensive than standard ones.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Well, it's about pickles... and Chopin

From Jezebel
his heart has apparently been “pickled in a jar of alcohol and then encased in a stone pillar.” 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Apples are $0.48/lb at Key Food

I bought Ginger Gold, which I never heard of. I put some on a grilled cheese with spicy strawberry sauce and it was good.

Friday, October 13, 2017

What's on sale this week?

I'm hungry, so maybe I will see things that interest me in the grocery circulars.

Key Food

Orange juice is $2. I could get hopped up on screwdrivers. That sounds good. Nothing else appeals.


Frozen cauliflower is $1.69. I can eat that. 8 oz of mushrooms for $1.50 is good. Mushrooms feel luxurious when I add them to anything. Butternut squash is $0.79/lb! I can make soup! Sweet potatoes are the same price. Fall is here.


I never buy pork chops, but for $1.69 maybe I'll consider it. Everything Cento is on sale, so I want anchovies, marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, caponata (I've never even bought that), tomato paste (which I already have and seldom use). I guess my hunger has kicked in.

Green Corner

Limes are 22 for $1.98. I did the math, and that's 9 cents per lime, which is the cheapest I've ever seen. 16 oz of mozzarella is $2.50, which is also the cheapest I've ever seen. But I don't know of any foods you can make combining the two.


Colavita pure olive oil! 3 liters for $20! I'll be there later today in that case. Frozen ravioli are $1.50, which would be good with the olive oil. I make them in a skillet like pierogies. Mushrooms are $1.79 here. More expensive than Key Food, but maybe I'll spend 29 cents to avoid the extra trip. Or buy them twice so I have an average cost that is still good. Limes are 25 cents here.

Gala Foods

Gala Foods is still dead to me.

Friday, September 29, 2017

I'm done with Gala Foods.

I bought 7 items. Four of them rang up wrong. I caught 2 of them. That sucks.

The pork butts and sour cream rang up correctly ($0.99/lb, $1.69).

Red potatoes rang up as $3.69 (supposed to be $2.99) and red onions as $1.99 for a 2 lb bag (supposed to be $0.99). I caught those.

Cabbage rang up as $0.59/lb (supposed to be $0.39) and mushrooms as $1.99 (supposed to be $1.79). I noticed that when I got home.

Friday, September 22, 2017

This week's grocery deals

I'm hungry, so maybe I'll figure out what to eat.

Green corner:  Apples and celery are $0.79, per pound and each, respectively. Cilantro is 50 cents.

Bravo doesn't have any good deals.

C-Town doesn't have any good deals. This is looking bad for me. I'm going to starve.

Associated: sour cream is on sale for $1.69

Key Food: beefsteak tomatoes are $0.95/lb. That's an odd price. A bunch of things are $0.95 but I only care about the tomatoes.

Since nothing is good, I looked at Food Bazaar. Nothing I want there either.

I'm going to starve this week unless people come over with groceries for me and then I will cook them into a dinner.

Friday, September 15, 2017

I wonder what's on sale this week.

Nothing much good was on sale last week, but I only eat peanut butter and bac'n bits anymore anyway. I was interviewed for my expertise in grocery stores on Wednesday, so I will look again. I hope no good sales last week lead to good ones now.

In order of how my tabs are open:

Green Corner: Pork shoulder is $0.98/lb which is 1 cent cheaper than I've ever seen it. That would save me a dime on a typical shoulder, and I would only have to bike 0.75 miles (each way) for that. Oktoberfest is coming up, so we'll see. Limes are a dime. Celery is $0.79 (other stores want $3 sometimes!). Onions are $1 for a 2 lb bag. Zucchini is $0.79/lb. I could enjoy eating all those things.

Key Food: A carton of orange juice is $2. Maybe I should quaff some screwdrivers. Apple Jacks are on sale for $2. Apple Jacks introduced a generation to the concept of de gustibus non est disputandum.

Back to Key Food. Flour tortillas are on sale so you can have a burrito party if you have friends. Avocados are expensive everywhere, so they better be really good friends.

C-Town: Vine tomatoes $0.99/lb. Heckers flour $2. Some cereals are on sale, but I don't even eat or buy cereal so I don't know why I wrote about it before. I'm done. Eggplant is $0.99. Maybe I will make parm.

Bravo: Nothing. Yesterday I spent $26.

Associated: Cantaloupe is $1.50. Generic flour is $1.69 for 5 lbs. Maybe it's time to restart my sourdough habit. Mushrooms are $1.50.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil's on Sale at Bravo

The 3 liter can (101 oz) is on sale for $23. That's a pretty good deal. Colavita has the best tasting olive oil. At C-Town, the 17 oz bottle is $7.50.

Whole Foods has the next best tasting olive oil, and it's usually about that price.

The sale's from September 8-15.

Salad avocados look to be on sale too, for $0.99 each. I guess I will get one or two to go with the rock hard peaches I got at Key Food today.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

All my produce wants to be other produce

I went to Green Corner and got grape tomatoes and plum cherries. Someone should teach these foods to be themselves.

Those are the plum cherries. I'm not sure if they are more like plums or more like cherries. I also got real cherries and carrots.

Things were cheap.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Salad Avocados

Florida avocados and dominican avocados are bigger than Haas avocados, but have less flavor, but they also don't get as mushy. They are worse for guacamole and avocado toast, but they are bigger for salads because they retain their shape. So henceforth, I'm calling them salad avocados.

Friday, July 14, 2017


There are cherries for $0.99/lb at To the World Farm, so my last post about $1.49 being the cheapest is already out of date.

Associated charged me too much for my mozzarella ($3.99). And I am sick of their announcements, which go on about "fresh and juicy" too much. Don't describe 2 foods in a row as "fresh and juicy." They should be banned from adjectives. They should be like this blog and just say items and prices.