Friday, April 28, 2017

What I might buy this week

Last week I made stew, and with that, ended my winter cooking. Time to eat plants. So I wonder what is on sale.

Associated:  5 lbs of flour is $1.50. I am not off to a good start of not cooking for winter. Maybe if I make sourdough pizzas with spring vegetables. Frozen vegetables are $1 per 1 lb bag, so I will eat those.

Food Bazaar: Mussels are on sale. I haven't made them for a long time.

Bravo: nothing

Key Food: nothing

Maybe I won't eat this week.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Times I went to Key Food this week, put items in my basket, put them all back, and left with nothing

First time: I put Kerrygold butter in my basket because it was $3 for 8 oz, which is a good price. I had 2 or 4, but I wanted to check the Tuttorosso canned tomatoes that were $0.88 for 28 oz. Some guy was stocking the shelves there, so I gave up and put my butter back and left.

Second time: I put brussels sprouts ($1.99/lb) and Vintage diet tonic water ($0.67) in my basket. I found the tomatoes, and had to move a heavy stack of them to see the price. But they only had crushed and puree and I don't want those. Then I went to check the butter, but there was no sign that it was still on sale. Technically it should be, but I didn't want to deal with accidentally paying an extra $3/lb so I put everything back and left.

I'm rich now. I didn't spend so much money this week.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Eggplant emoji and more deals from Fine Fare/Gala Foods/Graham Market

(This is why I always call it "the store around the corner" or "the new store around the corner.")

I got regular eggplants and a Dominican one. The regular ones had no seeds, which was nice. I think I read that male eggplants have no seeds and females have a lot, so you should buy males. And I read about how to tell them apart, but I forget. Look it up. Maybe the Dominican one was female or maybe it has different rules.

Here are all my other good prices. I got a thyme plant for $3, which will save me more than $3 when I don't have to buy thyme for a long time. Butter was cheap. I was going to make a turkey pot pie but I chickened out. Most other things went into ratatouille.

I also made a beet salad to try to replicate what I ate at Indikitch because it was good. It has cumin, salt, lemon juice, and cilantro. Cilantro was only $0.50/bunch.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Easter Deals

Easter isn't a holiday I cook for because I always go to Agnes's. I do like cooking for Lent, so I'm peeping the Key Food circular to see if it has the things I need for a fish fry. They have a section of next week's ad that celebrates Easter with sales on ricotta, mozzarella, spaghetti, and tomato sauce. I guess that's what Italian people around here eat for Easter? I guess I grew up eating Carpatho-Rusyn food for Easter.

The prices are good though. $3 for 32 oz of ricotta. $2 for a pound of mozzarella.

Luxury butter is on sale for $3 per 8 oz (Kerrygold). I have to buy a lot of luxury butter anymore for my sourdough bread.

I'm not sure if they have fish for my fish fry. I guess I could use basa or swai (which Bing tells me are the same).

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Fine Fare Name Change

When a new grocery store opened around the corner, the craigslist ad for jobs called it Grand Market. The store opened as Graham Market (it is on Graham Ave), but its website changed to FineFare is a chain, and Graham Market seemed to be this specific stores name. That still is the website, but now the circular I'm looking at says Fine Fare changed its name to Gala Foods.